Things I will never understand: monogram edition

During our road trip up and down to Corolla (yes, I realize that was about a month ago), I noticed something that I found not just weird, but downright annoying. I'm a HUGE monogram fan (I am a super prep-  Just ask anyone who knew me in HS, college or grad school. Heck, I even monogrammed my lax stick back in HS) and I love them - Bags, stationery, jewelry, etc.  But there is one thing that you just don't monogram:  Your car.

If you're going to get one, AT LEAST invest on interlocking or something that doesn't look so dis-joined.  Another pet peeve of mine, monograms that make it so obvious that they have had no design effort put into them.

Yet people are doing it.  And yes I knew that this was occurring when I would see "monogram transfer stickers" for sale online.  And yes, the occasional one is ok and isn't quite as obnoxious.  But on our way to NC I counted 10, yes, 10 cars that had monograms on them.  My huge, lingering question is "why?" Why feel the need to monogram your car.  Some people may respond with "well, why would you put your alma mater sticker on your car?  Isnt that the same thing?"  Personally, I do get a little excited when I see someone w/ a Mary Washington or Texas A&M sticker on their car -- I feel like "hey!  someone who has a shared background and rooted for the same teams.  I wonder if I know them.  Yay!"  I don't think you have the same feeling when you see someone with your same initials and think "Awesome! Another AKC!"  Isn't there a line between tasteful monogram and tacky monogram?  I would definitely love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Mrs. Potts said...

I'm not a fan of monograms on cars. I tend to see them on cars from SC, but lately they've been popping up here in NC as well.

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