Can't (Please Don't) Touch This

Does anyone see what I see?
Page 70 of the brand spankin new J Crew Catalogue.  Collection item or not, this is just fugly

I cannot believe my old school fashion crush, JCrew, has gone so far down this "lets revive bad fashion from the early 90s" route.  This silhouette - which the catalog calls "slouchy" - never has been and never will be attractive, even if you did throw a ton of sequins at it.  And is it bad that when I first read the description of the "Sequin Harem Pant"  I thought it said "Sequin Hammer Pant."  Oye Vay.

Thoughts anyone?

(Ps - also, Wedge Desert boots? *shakes head in sadness*)  Wow I really miss my preppy J Crew of yesteryear....

UPDATE!!!  So actually flipped through to the back of the catalog and found this
oh no she didnt
Dear Lord NO!! Katie Holmes has fallen victim to the heinous Hammer pants.  ughhhhh I think I just threw up a little in my mouth


Marisa said...

i'm 100 percent over jcrew. I loved them for the wedding (mine and yours) but I'm over them in terms of these styles and way to expensive prices.

Mrs. Potts said...

Oh, they're awful! I will never revisit harem/Hammer pants!

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