My Newest Kitchen Obsession

i have a "real" blog post coming tomorrow (think grey & mustard....)  but i had to share something I've been obsessing over lately:

How badly do i want these in my kitchen?  Badly.  Yes, I know they're totally impractical (hand wash only?  4.5 inches tall when I already have a cabinet-shelf full of actually practical tumblers this tall?  $32 + shipping a glass?) but i LOVVVVVVE them and their chic-not-cheesy fleur de lis design.  Plus, they match my countertop kitchen appliances. Obvious why I'm in love

I REALLY hope they carry these in the New Orleans Anthro, which opens mid-August (EEEEEP!!)  thus bypassing the shipping and allowing me to price stalk them at the store.  A girl can dream, I guess

1 comment:

Marisa said...

lovely lovely lovely....totally sure they will be going on sale by november...trust in the sale---i am a serious anthro sale stalker!

p.s. i miss you!

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