Mr Bama: the Hero

We had a bit of excitement on Tuesday night.

Mr. Bama helped save a Dog.

Here's what happened:  At around 8:30pm Tuesday night, Mr Bama was sitting in the living room watching TV ($10 says it was either Jersey Shore or Warehouse 13... don't ask) when he heard a car slam on its brakes, skid and then a dog yelping.

He ran outside to see that our neighbor, Kate, had driven down the street to the intersection and hadn't seen another neighbor's incredibly dark Blue Heeler standing in the middle of the road.  We know  Kate since she has a two year old pit bull that loves playing w/ Bear, and she was incredibly upset that she had hit a pup.  The Blue Heeler, whose name we later found out is Tag, was pinned under her Honda and couldn't move. Mr. Bama and a few other good Samaritan neighbors helped pull him out from under the car -- You can imagine that Tag was scared, in a lot of pain, and surrounded by a ton of people he'd never met before.  So in his state of sheer fear, he bit Mr. Bama in the hand (Completely understandable.)  Tag was pulled out and swept to the emergency Vet by his owner, with Kate following close behind.

Mr. Bama, however, ended up with a small, but pretty deep gouge in his hand (warning, if you don't like any form of pictures of open wounds, then quickly scroll down.  I hate those kind of pictures, but this is small and is after it was cleaned.  No blood involved!).
See, not so bad, but it was DEEP.  Small price to pay to save a pup

We ended up heading to the ER to get it looked at -- we weren't 100% sure the dog didn't have rabies and we wanted to be sure that there wasn't any huge damage to the bone, nerves, tendons, etc.  So off we went to Oschner in Jefferson parish

Let me just say that Oschner actually made an ER experience fairly pleasant, considering.  They took us in right away, the staff was incredibly nice with terrific moods and honestly it was the fastest in and out time I have ever experienced at an ER.  Two hours later, we walked out with an antibiotics prescription, an updated tetanus (better than having to get a rabies shot... which for 20 mins we thought he'd have to get) and a bandaged up hand. 

There was one thing Mr Bama did mention as we left the ER that he felt like he deserved after the whole debacle:  ice cream

He's such a trooper

The next day we found out that Tag was recovering nicely.  He did not break his leg like we had all initially thought (just popped his knee and hip out of place) and so he'll be back up and running in no time!  A happy ending to a quite crazy evening!  The funny thing is, while we were waiting in the waiting room, Mr Bama posted the picture of the bite on Facebook (for some reason he likes posting his injuries for all of his friends to oooh and aww at).  The overwhelming question was: "did Bear bite you!!??" Oh sigh....

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