From one hurricane prone coast to another.

Its really been pretty dismal and gross here in NOLA lately - rain on and off everyday for the past week and 1/2.  So when I booked an impromptu flight back home to Virginia Beach for next week,  I was really excited to escape back to the East Coast and maybe catch some of the awesome beach sun for Labor Day.

Except this guy may ruin my plans:
Looks like Earl has the same idea as many vacationers this time of year - a trip to the Outer Banks just in time for Labor Day!

Its supposed to clear out by Friday, but growing up in VB has made me skeptical of a) hurricanes b) those who predict hurricane paths.   Oh we shall see.

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Angela Cappetta said...

I know isn't it crazy? One minute it's smooth sailing through calm seas, the next, we're all running around hanging onto our hats (and heads!)

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