some people I will never understand... AGAIN

I really hate to rant, but after talking to some friends about what happened yesterday, I just had to share with the hope that people will just plain CHILL OUT over a certain topic.

Let us begin at about 7:30 am.  Bear & I go on a 4 mile run around Audubon Park, mainly for my benefit since Bear always seems to be still full of energy when we arrive back home.  So after our run I decide to take him to our fenced in neighborhood park to let him run around and get out  his remaining bit of energy.  Since it is fenced in, I can let him off leash w/out his running into traffic.  Sidenote, this isn't a dog park per-se, since there is a play ground and swings for kids, but 99.9% of people who bring their kids to the park know dogs are there and are amazingly cool about it - they know its good for both the kids and the dog if they familiarize themselves w/ each other.  I have never seen it be a problem and apparently it hasn't been a problem for the past few decades.   Its also a neighborhood park, so everyone knows everyones dogs and kids.  There also only one dog park in the city and it is a good 45 min drive to the other side of town.  People in our area don't have decent sized yards (if any) so most people know that parks are places dogs can run and give their owners breaks.

our little fenced in neighborhood park
Anywho, back to my story.  Bear & I get to the park, I take him off leash and he's having a blast chasing himself around the park because the place is absolutely empty.  I notice one of the ladies I see regularly with her 9old Shepard mix is leaving the park and walking to her house, which faces the park and is a little less than a 1/2 block from the park.  Her dog has always been under great voice command, so she figures for the literally 1 minute walk back to her house, she doesn't need to put her 9 year old dog on a leash -- he wont leave her side and he knows exactly where they're going.   I also notice a man riding a bike stop, get off his bike and start yelling something at the woman.  I take my headphones off and realize there is an altercation going on that goes something like this:

man: "There are leash laws in this city, lady!  That dog needs to be on a leash"

lady (looking back at him kind of shocked): "um sir, I live right here.  He knows where we're going.  Its a minute walk."

man:"That dog is a threat being off of a leash.  What you're doing is illegal and he needs to be on a leash"

lady (now on the steps of her house): "Sir, I live right here.  My dog is not hurting you or anyone else and he is most certainly not a threat.   I suggest you mind your own business."

man: "He is a threat. I own a house in this city too and you're violating my rights and my safety by having that dog off of a leash.  I'm going to call the cops"

(man whips out a cell phone and dials what I can only assume is the police)

lady (as she walks into her house w/ her house): "whatever."

man (now speaking into his phone to the police): "Yes, I'd like to report loose, un-leashed DOGS at the park at the intersection of ___&__.
(Yes, thats DOGS, as in Plural)
One is a large white and grey fluffy Shepard dog.  The other is a large black lab."

My mind: Whoa, pump the brakes dude.  Did this asshat just describe MY dog to the cops!!??? (note: bear is at this point chasing a leaf around the asphalt.  Side note: The guy isn't even IN the park, hes immediately on the other side of the fence!

ME (as I wave my hands at the man):  "Um Excuse me, Sir!  My dog is within a fenced, contained area not harming anyone. There is no need for you to include him in your report "

Man: "He is off of a leash in a public area.  he is a threat.   There are leash laws in the city"

ME: "sir, you truly do not know what you're talking about -- my dog isn't bugging you, he's contained and I am watching him."

Man: "I will call the cops every time I see a dog off of a leash in the city.  I don't care where.  There are leash laws in this city and you are violating them right now."

ME: "Fine sir, you do whatever the heck you want, but theres actual crimes going on in this city that are just a tad more important than an old Shepard mix and  a 9 month old puppy running off of a leash under their owners watchful eye.  if you have a problem with that, then you're living in the wrong city"

Man (turning back to the phone w/ the police): "The address of the owner of the first dog is _____ Annunciation Street.  Her licence plate number is..."

This is when i called Bear over, snapped the leash back on him and then hightailed it back to my house around the corner before the guy could get on his bike and follow me to take down my address.  Personally, while I understand that a few people here and there have a genuine fear of dogs, some people, like this guy, seem to find pleasure in being their own law enforcer.  Yes, it is true that we have leash laws in the city and if you are a responsible dog owner, you will abide by them in heavily populated areas, in a non-gated areas and when you know you do NOT have strong voice control over your dog.  But if you are in a pretty empty area, are in a contained place or when you know your dog is completely un-interested in running away form you or bugging anyone, there should be no reason to call the police on something so mundane as a obedient dog that isn't provoking anyone.  

If on the chace you are afraid of dogs and see one off a leash with its owner very close behind, simply walk to the other side of the sidewalk.  If a dog is aggressive you most likely will NEVER see it off a leash.  I cannot speak for irresponsible dog owners though, but unless provoke, 90% of dogs will just bowl you over and lick you to death.  

End of story... I don't know what happened w/ the lady with the Shepard.  I haven't seen her at the park since the altercation, so I don't know if the cops came and cited her or what.  I do know one thing did NOT happen:

Bear, the menace to society

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  I know that a ton of people who are dog owners / lovers read this blog and it would be great to hear what you think about the whole leash, unleashed topic. 

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Mrs. Potts said...

I'm a new follower, but wanted to chime in on this. When I lived in NOLA I took my Great Dane to Coliseum Square. There were always a ton of dogs off leash there.

I agree with you. Responsible dog owners are just that. Responsible. I have a yellow lab now & love being able to let her off leash to throw the ball in one of our parks, even though it is not necessarily a dog park.

I have seen people attacked or snapped at by errant dogs (some while on a leash) so I can understand some caution - just like you pointed out.

My two ones though, would just lick a person to death before so much as show their teeth.

Glad you didn't end up cited!

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