Shameless Plug

This is what's consumed my life (no joke... supposed to be 20 hours a week.... has turned into 40 hours) the past 4 weeks.

But I can't complain. anything that involves 450 green legos cannot make anyone truly upset. Plus, the team helping out (my fellow co-workers) is absolutely stellar. Totally couldn't do it w/out them and their undying patience and work-aholic tendencies. I'm excited b/c its a meeting of so many preservation & sustainability experts from Texas all the way up to Nova Scotia. This year we've got a really diverse speaker list (an economist/developer, a few architects, an engineer, and a previous AIA president!) so our attendees are expected to be just as diverse. Now if we can just keep the little crazy fires at bay, we'll be good to go!

After Saturday life can resume its semi-nomality. Thank heavens. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.

PS- engagement pics to come soon.... we got the proofs, now just time to wait for the DVD to come in mail & the images are all ours.


drum roll please....


IT has been set... How pretty is that date? I am so excited. I am also thrilled that one of my fave people is getting married 2 weeks before our day. Wedding planning is much more fun when you've got a fellow stressed out grad student friend with whom you can giggle over save the dates & wedding dresses. Its so little girl, but honestly when else in your life can you obsess over colors & flowers and it be acceptable? Exactly.

Hopefully by my next post 'Bama boy & I will have our engagement photos back from our awesome Texas photographer. Taking them was such a blast, I got to run around a farm for 2 hours w/ the man I love. Also, playing on railroad tracks has never been so much fun.

Now, back to work! Hope all is well with my fabulous friends!


When its ok to eat off the floor:

while doing my quick morning internet browsing routine I found these over on the blog decorno.

Dinner plates with studio apartment floorplans printed on them! adorable. People in the New York area totally have some of the best housing accessory stores. So jealous as I sit in middle of nowhere Texas. At least it keeps me from spending money I dont have on really cute things.
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