drum roll please....


IT has been set... How pretty is that date? I am so excited. I am also thrilled that one of my fave people is getting married 2 weeks before our day. Wedding planning is much more fun when you've got a fellow stressed out grad student friend with whom you can giggle over save the dates & wedding dresses. Its so little girl, but honestly when else in your life can you obsess over colors & flowers and it be acceptable? Exactly.

Hopefully by my next post 'Bama boy & I will have our engagement photos back from our awesome Texas photographer. Taking them was such a blast, I got to run around a farm for 2 hours w/ the man I love. Also, playing on railroad tracks has never been so much fun.

Now, back to work! Hope all is well with my fabulous friends!

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its a secret said...

aww. yes. we are so blessed to have eachother!

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