Grey skies --- make for a sunny day

Odd title, I know, but lately I have been so inspired by the color Grey.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have seen scores of grey shoes roll into the store, but the thing that really gets me is when customers ask "I love these grey shoes, but what on earth would I put it with?"  That's when the gears in my mind start turning and I come up with all these possibilities - especially the combo of Grey & mustard (accented by blue).

1.  I LOVE barn doors and i think a romantic part of me wants to stick one in a house someday just for the heck of it.  We have awesome Victorian pocket doors now, but they're not as elegantly utilitarian or unexpected as a rolling barn door.

2. Anthro, you never fail to step up when i need an awesome color combo.  I love the form of this dress: utilitarian "1950s house dress" look with a pretty full skirt.  Also, you can't go wrong with a big cinching sash.

3.  I've been staring at this cute little flying fish for months now at the store -- created by Delux, a design company out of Amsterdam who mixes vintage gem stones w/ modern ones. Sadly, they don't have a website, but there's a ton of their stuff online at trashydiva.com.  Grey and blue just look so stunning together.

4. I do think there is a point where you can have too much of bold yellow in your decor that makes it go from chic to blink-and-you-could-miss-it trendy.  A wallpaper like this jumps right over to classic - I could see it having just enough color to keep it from being boring yet still being something my grandmother would have had adorning her dining room walls.

5. Um, colored driftwood and eggs NEVER looked so gorgeous.  one man's firewood is another's wall art.

6. almost a year later and I'm still obsessed w/ weddings, so how could I not include a wedding combo?  This bouquet of daffodils, roses and tulips makes me smile and wish it was next spring.

7. Elegant in a sort of block-y way and very Scandinavian -  I'm kind of fantasizing about having the unexpected yellow wood chair sitting at my kitchen table. Yet, w/ the luck our furniture has, it would be "yellow streaked with black" in no time.

8. as I'm sitting here, there is currently a heat index of 115 degrees outside.  I would LOVE snow right about now.  On that note, I think nature honestly provides a the absolute best color palates.  Next time you're trying to figure out a color scheme for a design project, simply step outside and look at the colors you have around you.  You cannot go wrong.

9. I saw the "keep calm and carry on" poster in mustard and knew I had to include this.  The slant of the roof you can see through the doorway on the right makes me think of some chic and simple attic bedroom - a hideaway of sorts.  I can also seeing this being in a beach cottage where you can hear the ocean from the bathroom.  

10. Dear JCrew  - bring back your satin pumps.  Every girl needs a pair of pretty grey shoes, me being one. Thank you in advance.  

11. I love me a good geometric pattern.  If it is curvy lattice, awesome.  Grey and white curvy lattice?  even better

On that note, happy Monday everyone!


david-and-emily said...

I love mustard yellow and grey together. It has been my recent obsession as well :)

Cute blog!!

Marisa said...

lovelovelovelove this color combo. seriously. love mustard and grey!

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