Mistaken Magnets and Purple Stamps

Well, since they've managed to make it safely into everyone's mailboxes by now.... here are our lovely Save The Dates. Apologies for the fuzziness. The thing I'm nervous about though is people not knowing the white square is actually a magnet ... we stickey-tacked it to the lime paper so it would be the same size as the envelope (yay for easy shipping). However, I know some people didnt know it was a magnet until they called me to tell me they received it and I gave them the heads up. Oh well.

I also made some cute stamps for the envelopes, which were a mix of computer addessed and hand addressed (by my mom!). The stamp design is below:

However, when the sheets of stamps we ordered from Stamps.com arrived... the navy blue turned out to be a dark shade of purple!!! THIS is exactly why you check the CMKY/ RGB settings between different screens and printers.

Now on to the rest of the week..... heres to hump day and being done w/ half of the week. Also, yay for Easter this weekend!

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