A Change of Heart

So....my whole life I've had such a bias against carnations..... somehow, someway they always invoked memories of middle school valentines (or lack thereof) and a blah pukey pepto-bismal color.

Well, the other day i was perusing my local food store and happened upon their floral department. Usually I grab some tulips or some gerbera daisies, but it was not to be: the tulips were not in sight and i was tired of white daisies (all. they. had.). I was still in mourning after the sudden death of the gorgeous daffodil bouquet that 'Bama boy sent me and was in desperate need of some color. Enter the raspberry carnations.

There they were, 24 for $12 and such a pretty color. I bought those bad boys, came home, bundled them up and they sitting pretty on my desk. Soo happy!

So I've gone all Carrie Bradshaw now and I've begun to appreciate the little flower w/ the bad rap. Still, not a fan of them in single form, but I think you'd have to agree that en masse they're quite pretty and preppy!

1 comment:

med said...

i love how you got all carrie bradshaw. They are lovely...pretty pretty

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