Floral Candy

I forgot to post this after my wedding planning trip to NC over break, but we met with the floral designer (aka- fancy florist) to discuss the plans for the big day. First I had to come to grips with the fact that camellias are not in season in September (so so sad, i cried). I say no to peonies (everyone loves them... as do I, but I dont want to be like everyone else, at least in this aspect of the wedding). Also, NO traditional longstem roses, I canot stand them outside of Valentines day. So, Renee - the floral designer extrodinare- showed me a flower that fit the fullness of the peony and the unique idea of the camellia. Enter the Garden rose:

These flowers are the only appearance of pink in the wedding scheme (thats why its called an accent). Wrapped with a simple navy ribbon for me (lime for my b-maids) and we're good to go. J'adore!

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med said...

love them les! beautiful!!!

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