Today is an "I-very-much-dislike-Bama-Boy's-job" day and I feel as the pic of our family dog above displays how i feel perfectly. Bama boy & I havent seen each eather in 2 very long, lonely months and he was supposed to drive down from Missouri this Saturday and stay til Tuesday morning. I was so super amazingly excited and giddy it was almost embarassing. Well, due to a number of issues, we couldn't talk today until about 9pm this evening after I returned from my college's annual scholarship & awards banquet. Thats when the cruddy news came.
Apparently his job threw a curve ball at him and told him they need him to be at a meeting/ conference starting Monday morning and running til Wednesday afternoon. Note: the drive from Missouri to where I am is 10 hours (he does it all the time and swears he doesnt mind the distance, but it obviously takes up a TON of hours). Therefore him driving down Saturday morning and then turning around and driving back the next day isn't practical nor very economical. So i went on an "angry, irrational fiancee" tirade about how I hate his job and it stinks and how they should find someone else who has nothing else to do this weekend and is in town to attend the conference. But in the end it all proved futile, he's cant come and thus I am very sad.
It also stinks b/c really this was the only weekend we could see each other before I graduate in a month... I really cant dedicate any other weekend between then and now to US because of my darn thesis work. Theres a reason why this happened, it sucks and I need to put my big girl panties on and deal w/ it, but really I can't help but just feel sad.
Well heres to, I guess, another round of phone movie/ dinner dates. Very fun, but it ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.

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