State of my Life *now with an ironic update*

I'm getting more and more excited about this:
and this:
erynthegrey via flickr
and this:
{platinum} via flickr

But I'm totally dreading this:
Mpopp via flickr
Have I mentioned how much I DESPISE moving?  Yeah.... t-minus 7 days until our lives are packed up in boxes, put in cargo crates and begin their voyage across the Atlantic to our new home.  Then it's 2 weeks living in an empty house, 2 weeks of trekking to Bama and then Virginia, and then flying to our new country.  Bitter sweet, but also chaotic!  Heres hoping for a smooth move, not dying of boredom in an empty house and having all of our paperwork in order for entry to Europe!

*UPDATE - I knew as soon as I posted about the move date something would change.  Mr. Bama informed me today that apparently I am still not cleared to travel with him (even though we started doing all of the processing paperwork and such as soon as we found out where we were moving).  So the packing up and moving of our stuff has pushed to May 9th.  Apparently whoever is in charge of processing paperwork for overseas travel is just REALLY slow and does not understand the meaning of "expedite".  Cest 'la vie  

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