My Awkward Puppy - the Graduate

Bear just graduated a few Saturdays ago from intermediate obedience class at Petco (product of our hoping he'll have manners in Europe).  One of the things we found out that came with his graduation packet, in addition to more treats than he'll ever need, was a free professional 8x10 graduation photo.  We figured "hey, it's free, so why not?"

Turns out our dog is quite the diva.  The first few shots were a little awkward, but by the end, Bear was totally posing for the camera, complete with stuffed Easter chickens and fuzzy blue blankets.  His attention to the camera was seriously impressive.  The photos were processed and when we went back to pick out what picture we wanted to have as our one 8x10, the photo lady said "oh, well if you use the free photo coupon, then you can only choose the first picture out of the entire series."  Um, terrible policy if you ask me, but whatever.

So instead of having a picture of our bundle of joy posing perfectly and looking adorable, this is the picture we were required to choose:
awkward? yes
It also wasn't til we received the print that I realized just how large an 8x10 picture is.  We have NO idea what to do with this photo, which is as awkwardly large as our pup.  An odd combination of weird factors that actually add up to make perfect sense.  Such is life!

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