Ginger & Berries Never Tasted So Good

I've been a huge fan of Kombucha recently, but it wasn't until today I was truly grateful for it.  I've been spending all day unloading our storage unit (New Orleans + no garage = no storage) in preparation for our move.  Exhausted from the tons of boxes of books and Rubbermaid containers, I arrived home craving one thing and one thing alone:
It has it doubters.  It has its faithful followers.  You can debate all day long, (and read about it here) but all I know is that this one of the tastiest drinks I've ever sampled.  My old boss let me try a little of the Gingerade 100% G.T. Kombucha version a few months ago.  I liked it, as the ginger flavor balanced the natural flavor of kombucha, so I bought a whole bottle.  I quickly realized that with every Gingerade kombucha I drank, without fail I developed a raging headache within an hour.  So I tried the strawberry version (95% kombucha, 5% fruit juice).  No headache, but the tartness of the strawberry needed something to balance it out.  So then I tried ginger berry with the hopes that the ginger would balance the strawberry.  And it does perfectly.  I now crave this stuff.  And since its ohsoclose to hitting the 90 degree mark on the thermostat down here, I'm discovering it may just be the perfect summer drink.  yum yum

Have you tried kombucha yet?  If so, what are your thoughts?

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