Prayers for the South

It's been a crazy night / day in our house --While we didn't experience any foul weather in New Orleans, the rest of the deep south wasn't as fortunate.   The images of just the immense damage from Alabama and the Deep South keep coming in over the news and have been sent to us from friends.  We've been able to confirm that all of our loved ones are safe and sound, but many of them were as close as a few miles from the tornadoes that wrecked havoc across the state.

I came across this video on  youtube that was filmed in the parking lot of University Mall in Tuscaloosa and in short, it is horrifying (especially at 4:25 and then again at 6:00, when you catch a glimpse of the Belk).

Please, if you have the resources and means, do not hesitate to give to the recovery efforts not just in Tuscaloosa, but from Mississippi all the way to Virginia -- they will need all the help they can receive.  You can text "GIVE" to 80888 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army, which already has feet on the ground in the areas affected (you can visit them here ).

And most importantly, please keep all affected in your thoughts and prayers

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M said...

so glad that all your family and friends are safe! praying for your family!

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