Halloween Party #1

This past Saturday was the Trashy Diva Halloween party - it's quite an event mainly because we all take our costumes so seriously.  Seriously as in "I'm going to kick-butt on the details of everything," not an "omg do not make fun of my costume - i put so much thought into this" kind of way.  Mr. Bama and I spent all of Saturday putting together our costumes (did I mention that I am the *queen* of procrastination!?) and by 8pm we were ready to party it up w/ the rest of the TD crew.

Here we are in all of our glory at the party - theme: "Favorite movie/tv star":
any guess who we are?

a little later on (and a few glasses of wine later):

Next weekend is halloween party #2, fending off our neighborhood's massive amount of kids as they beg us for candy (aka trick or treating) and Bear's 1st (What the heck!) Birthday.  Busy busy weekend in the Bama household.  Happy All  Hallow's Eve!

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Marisa said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! lovelovelove this!

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