Bear - the Hybrid Dog

Inspired by Jen Lancaster's recent adventure with Doggie DNA testing, Mr. Bama and I decided to splurge for Bear's birthday and buy him a DNA test.  He's a lanky 65 pounds and we keep going back and forth about what he could be a combination of -- Mr. Bama said Great Dane, I put my money on a Lab of some kind.  Here's a pic of his mom - an Aussie Mix:
Pretty obviously Aussie, so we figured that plus something else.  We took 2 cheek swabs and then shipped them off to the laboratory to be analyzed, while in the meantime we debated more possibilities: greyhound?  pit bull? We were giddy with excitement when I got the email yesterday saying our results were complete.  The three of us sat together in the living room and I then proceeded to read the results out loud.  And then we regretted not sending a picture of our huge bundle of joy with the DNA samples, because according to them, this dog:

is a mix of:

a Brittany. I can see the possibilities a little
a Schnauzer.  Okay, so maybe this is where he gets his height .

a Yorkie? Wow, now you're pushing it....
a Shar Pei?  Really?

A Basset Hound. I'm beginning to think someone
in the lab was playing the "spin the wheel and
pick out random dog breeds" game on us
Lhasa Apsa!!?? what the?  Ok, someone was totally smoking
the Ganja in the lab.

Not one hint of Aussie at all (I'm thinking Bear's mom was lying about who she really was.  Tsk tsk)  No Lab, no Great Dane.  Nothing that we would have guessed.  Just one bird dog, a dog with a beard, two lap dogs, a hound and a wrinkly pooch.  Me thinks we need a second opinion.   Until then, Mr. Bama and I are trying to figure out a name for Bear's Hybrid variety -- perhaps a Brischkie Sharhoundsa?

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