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Super quick blog post today - but something came to my attention that I thought I should share.

Who here is a fan of  the Vampire cheesiness that is True Blood?  If you tuned in this past Sunday for the Season Finale, you would have caught this part, near the end where Vampire Queen Sophie Anne visits Bill's home.
Dark, broding vampire goodiness.  pic courtesy of perezhilton.com

What is that lovely ensemble that the Queen (Evan Rachel Wood) is wearing?  Well non other than Trashy Diva's own Courtney Coat Dress in Black.  I posted about the cobalt one I scored for my birthday in a previous post.

The Courtney Coat Dress - it doubles as a coat, a dress and best of all?  It's cotton. 
 So whether you plan on being your favorite True Blood character for halloween or just want to look like an absolute knock out this fall & winter, check out www.trashydiva.com.  The coat comes in classic solids such as Black, cobalt & red, or for those who want to spice things up, black & green mid-century and leopard.

now back to being swamped with invitations. Is it Saturday yet?

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