Carry me back to Ol' Virginny.

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of September, I took a week trip back to Virginia Beach to hang out w/ my parents for a little bit.  I'm very close to my parents and spending time with them is really important for the sanity of my soul, especially when life seems to be flying by so quickly these days.

I was also able to visit some of my favorite people -

I spent time with my friend Steph who's at Periodontal school in Richmond -- the craziness of both of our lives makes it hard to see each other and catch up face to face, so being able to sit around and lounge by her pool was much needed.   She's getting married next July to one of my friends from college (small world...) and she asked me to do their save the dates, so I've been totally consumed w/ that since I got back to NOLA.
Me & Steph - Besties since 6th grade, during
her visit to NOLA in May
I was also able to have a lovely dinner at a wonderful wine bar w/ one of my oldest friends, Windy.  Believe it or not, Windy was my babysitter when she was 13 and I was, oh, maybe 8 months old.    We stayed close through the years, her morphing from being just a babysitter to being my unrelated "big sister."  Twenty-six years later, we're closer than ever and we try to get together when ever I'm home to have dinner, lunch or drinks together.
Windy & her adorable husband Keith
dancing at our wedding last year.
I also trekked up to Williamsburg to visit college best buddy Misa (who you all may know from Park & Belmont).  We splurged shopping at the outlets and caught up over lunch at Colonial Williamsburg's  The Cheese Shop.  Nothing says quality time like sitting outside eating your turkey sandwich next to a guy doing the same, only dressed in period attire, Tri-corn hat and all.
Misa & I back a year ago at my wedding.  
 I also did some serious retail damage w/ my mom - not in the form of clothing since I kind of can't justify buying anything I can't wear to work.  So shoes & accessories it was!
mauve + suede + peeptoe + platform = Horray!
I also picked up a pair of gold driving moccosins at Banana Republic that I cannot find a picture of to save my life.  They're awesome though and I cannot wait to wear them come fall.  Side note - can fall come already please, I'm so tired of 95 degrees with 80% humidity.  

I've been giving J.Crew alot of criticism lately b/c their newest collections have just been uninspiring, plain boring and so far away from their preppy roots.  I felt the same when I stopped into their store and looked around, until I moseyed to the sale section and found this cute little blouse.  Maybe there's still hope?
But at the end of the day, I came back to my childhood home and just enjoyed being with my parents, eating good food,  having awesome talks and just getting back to my roots to reset for a little.
It also doesnt hurt that I got to sit around our pool and look at this while having pre-dinner drinks with my parents.
At the end of the week I was definitely missing Mr. Bama and Bear and ready to go home to NOLA.  But I had a lovely time back in my favorite state and with the parents.

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