Anniversary Recap

In the spirit of our awesome Valentines Dinner from February, Mr. Bama and I celebrated one year together by cooking up a fancy dinner and completely indulging.  The menu for the evening:
  • Blackberry Sparklers (replaced w/  Kir de cassis b/c we couldnt find blackberry schnapps anywhere in the city.)
  • Filet Mignon withe a Green peppercorn Brandy cream sauce
  • Crispy roasted potatoes
  • Red Lettuce Salad w/ red onions, blue cheese and homemade balsalmic vinegarette 
  • Nectarine Tarts

    started off the evening w/ some lovely
    champagne.  We thought about using
    the flutes that we had for our wedding,
    but they were kind of covered in dust,
    so we nixed that idea.  
    Crispy potatoes pre-cooking
    crispy potatoes complete.  Yum Yum
    The table set for dinner.  Breaking
    out the good silverware, baby.
    One grassfed & finished filet mignon and
    another bison filet mignon waiting to
    be cooked. WFM was out of grass
    fed beef, and theres no way in heck I was
    going to buy hormone pumped grain fed beef.

    Happy Hubby

    The potatoes and the beef finished and in
    the middle of being consumed by Mr. Bama.
    The sauce is green peppercorns in a
    brandy/heavy creame sauce w/ shallots.
    the nectarine tarts before they were popped in the oven
    nice, hot and super yummy
    nectarine tart a-la mode

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    Mrs. Potts said...

    That just made me so hungry! Especially the tarts at the end. Happy Anniversary!

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