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oke dokey fabulous people. So I know I've been MIA recently but I've got a great reason. I'm currently in the process of completing my final study project for a Masters of Architecture degree (in addition to helping coach my school's women's lacrosse team, planning a my work's annual BIG TIME symposium AND planning a wedding. Yes, I know I am a crazy person). So admist the hectic craziness of my life (and the more & more frequent 'I cannot handle everything!' breakdowns) I must force myself to stop and smell the roses. This past weekend was absolutely fabulous in a few weird ways:

1) On friday I drove to cute & quaint Brenham, TX to meet with our engagement pictures photographer. Gorgeous and windy day. After a 45 drive I'm in a strange town I've never been in before and I dont really know if I've arrived at the right place. So after sitting in my car for a few mins and calling my roomie for an internet confirmation of the address, I get out of the car to go meet the photog. As soon as i shut my car door I realize that my keys are still inside the car. Rephrase: my keys are still inside the very LOCKED car. All I have to say is that AAA is a God send - no more than 30 mins later my car was unlocked by a super sweet auto repair guy and I was on my way back to home. Oh, and it turns out I was at the photog's place after all and we're getting our photos done this coming weekend!

2) The temp here was a fabulous mid- 70 degrees with a strong breeze. First time my windows have been open all year long. Keeping my huge architectural measured drawings to stay put has been a challenge, but it's totally worth it.

3) colored pencils are fabulous -- color makes bubble diagrams and preliminary space plans so much more fun.

4) My finace has been adorable, encouraging and wonderful. I was, quite frankly, paranoid that I hadn't nailed down a photog for the actual wedding yet and he reassured me that everything would work out. After the photog of first choice was snatched up on our date and second choice was WAY out of our price range, I was scared to death that very very good photog choice three would be a goner before I could actually meet him during spring break. 'Bama boy constantly told me everyone would work out perfectly and if not, we'd make it work, no matter what. Needless to say, when i called the photog the next day, everything was inline and ready to go for a meeting in march. It was perfect because when 'bama boy called me a few days later to tell me that planned rehersal dinner location was snatched away from under us (really... a very crummy story), I was able to offer him the same comfort. We're now in talks with an AMAZING and very flexible location for our rehersal. YAY

Now... on to finishing the week, organizing the symposium craziness and then sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a wonderful Valentines day weekend w/ my honey (who I havent seen in almost a month!!!) In the words of one of my fave people: Ciao!

PS - my wedding dress finally arrived!! It's in Virginia so I can't try it on til break in March, but my parents say its super simple and absolutely gorgeous. I would post a picture here, but I know my dearly beloved checks this blog once in a blue moon so no ruining the surprise. I will let you know how it looks in a little over a month! (btw: it's a jcrew erica gown.....)

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