Inauguration Eye Candy

Quick Blog entry today, since I have to rush off to my first day of my last semester of classes EVER (three years ago I never thought I'd make it to today). Anyhow, today is an incredibly important day for America: Inauguration Day! Even though I was not a supporter of Mr. Obama during this past election season (i didnt really support anyone .... but thats another topic for another day), today is truly a historic and amazing day for our lovely country and we should all be proud and supportive of our new first family. So for all my friends in the DC area who are lucky enough to be attending inauguration balls, have a fabulous time tonight! And for the first family: congratulations and all the best wishes to you!

And in the spirit of inauguration day, here are some inauguration dresses of past first ladies:
Nancy Reagan's dress is as gorgeous today as it was back in 1981

Jackie O's dress. Simple, streamlined and absolutely elegant. Need I say more?

Mamie Eisenhower modelling her dress for the 1953 inauguration

Caroline Harrison's 1889 inaguration dress. Gorgeous in a Victorian Age sort of way.


its a secret said...

Love Jackie O's dress...p.s how cute is Michelle's outfit today!?

lkltxva said...

So funny Misa! You know, we were watching the streaming inauguration speech during my Interior Architecture class and I was thinking the same thing about michelle's outfit when they would focus on her -- yay lime green! I'm sure what she'll wear tonight for the ball(s) will be equally or more spectacular.

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