Things I Love (Brrr-iffic edition)

I absolutely love being home, primarily because unlike where I'm currently in school, Virginia has seasons. When it's winter, it's cold, when it's in the summer, it's appropriately hot. It's just the natural way things should be. So imagine how delighted I was for today.... a high of 32!! I had a million errands and appointments to run around town today, so instead of hunkering down with a cup of hot coco, sweats and a fire, I busted out my favorite, most neglected, Christmas gift --- my J. Crew double cloth Marie Coat. The timing was great when we bought this coat (no shipping and 1/2 price.... finding glorious things at great deals is an absolute blast to me!) and I cannot recommend it enough. Tromping around today with that coat, my trusty old turquiose scarf, gold metallic gloves and brand new black boots made me absolutely adore this time of year. Cozy and feeling like a million bucks. If the only options of day to day winter-wear avaliable were frumpy and gaudy, I think I would truly dispise this time of year but thank heavens for J Crew and their adorable winter collections (and fabulous discounts!)

Unfortunately when I leave in Sunday to head back to the Lone Star State, the winter coats will stay behind to sit in the closet back in VA -- Sunday's high down at school on Monday is a *frigid* 68 degrees. But tomorrow promises another fabulous blustry day with a high of 25, as I head down to the Outer Banks for a day trip. So if you're in for truly chilly weather tomorrow: smile, breathe in that crisp air, bundle up in something adorable and take a trip down to your corner coffee shop for a warm drink...trust me, you'll LOVE the winter!

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