Things I Don't Understand

10 things I have given up trying to understand:
1. Crocs.... not acceptible in any way, shape or form
2. US Airline Companies.... crappy customer service, unreliance and outragously jacked up prices. A truly capitalist society would have gotten rid of them years ago.
3. Egocentric designers & their U.G.L.Y. architecture (ie: Norman Foster, Frank Gehry, etc.)
4. Paying obscene amounts of money for heinous "fashion" items (see below):
Designer: MuiMui / Price : $1,595
5. People who are too lazy to return their shopping carts to the proper stalls in the parking lot. Walking 20 feet won't kill you.
6. Spandex. Only acceptible uses: UnderArmor worn while working out & 80s themed parties
7. Slow Walkers
8. 99.9% of MTV's content. I feel like I loose IQ points when I watch any show on that station
9. Blatently obvious fashion knock-offs (Coach/LV anyone?).
10. short-sleeved dress shirts on men.

1 comment:

its a secret said...

Les, you are hilarious! love the post about spandex! oxo

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