There's a Change in the Haus

And now for some pictoral goodies showcasing what's been going on w/ the state of the house post move-in.  I'm far from done, but we're getting there.

Dining Room:
Our Bar Right after we moved in:
Our Bar Now... almost done
THIS clock goes in the void.  come on amazon
Dining Room table
Our new "counter space" via Ikea right after I finished assembling it:
Two people for assembly?  Pshh, please Ikea.
The counter now:
spices and knives to be wall hung once I'm not scared
of drilling into concrete.
The Kitchen wall sans pictures:
Voila!  Pictures:
our kitchen stove, etc right before me moved in:
Kitchen now (i feel though as if it is lacking bikes hanging from rafters above):
View from the Kitchen into the Dining Room:
Heading Upstairs
The family wall. Yeah. Needs "something"
Hard at work on that 'Something":
The Family wall now.  Love me some bunting.
Office (Das Buro):
Yeah, it's messy.  But I'm getting there 
(and no, that is not my desk.  That is Mr Bama's I've been relegated to use)
Yippee I have a place to "do stuff"
view from the desk
So that's all well and dandy, and theres a whole lot more of the house that I have barely touched yet, for example:
The Living Room:
hide yo eyes.  
And of course, there have been some aesthetic bumps in the road:

Like this beauty that was hanging in the dining room
flock of seagulls anyone?
and this AWESOME government-issued couch in a shade that goes with everything:
I have always wanted a purple multicolored uncomfortable couch!  Finally!!!
I guess the name of the game is just improvisation.  Take this as an example.

Need a side table but all you have is an unnecessary amount of architecture & engineering books?  No problem!
no, we did not pick out the chairs.  They were "issued" to us.  sigh.
So much more to do with the house (and pictures to come), but at least for now I have my side table of knowledge!  I am unstoppable.

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