Helplessly Abroad

hurricane ladies print - a TD fave I find quite appropriate for right now.
It's one thing when you're in another state and you see your hometown (and your parents and your dog!) being threatened by a behemoth hurricane.  It's another when you're on the other side of the Atlantic.  In between calling home every 3 hours and constantly refreshing weather.com, it's impossible not to feel hopeless.  That plus the sis having just moved to New York City, and immediate family on Long Island and New Jersey and you've got a whole world of worry.  We've been through  hurricanes a plenty while growing up (all which thankfully took a last minute jog to the east, sparing Hampton Roads) but everyone I've talked to has seemed genuinely concerned that Irene could actually be "the one" that finally hits the east coast.  Between the earthquake (yeah, what again?) and this, the east coast could definitely use a break.  So here's hoping and praying that Irene chills out and heads to sea, leaving the east coast free from her wrath.  Then everyone can treat themselves to a "hurricane," and the worst thing they have to deal with is a the wreckage of a hangover the next day.  So  keep the east coast in your prayer and here's hoping for an uneventful weekend!

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