Hurricane Europa

Goodness it has been a while, and quite a whirlwind -- which explains my absence.  A week after moving into our new home, I flew back to the US for my best friend's wedding, which was an absolute blast.  When I returned on July 21, Mr. Bama had already left for his year of being gone for work. While I have missed him terribly, I haven't had too much time to dwell on his absence -- our household goods arrived a week after I got back to Germany, and a day later I finally had internet set up (after a week of dealing with German T-Mobile and being hung up on 9 out of the 10 times I called them).  The very next day one of my best friends from home flew into Germany with a friend from business school and we began a 10-day  breakneck-speed tour of Eastern Europe. So the next few blog posts, combined with my upcoming guest posts for Trashy Diva, will be a recap of our adventures in Salzburg, Budapest, Prague and Munich.  So stay tuned for some European goodness!
With my friend Laura on the Charles Bridge in Prague

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