Patience Please

I'm in the works on a Salzburg round-up, but until then, enjoy my guest post over at the Trashy Diva Blog, highlighting my adventure with the Sound of Music tour!

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AKW said...

Hi Leslie, it's Amy Williams (we met in Schweinfurt before I left my marketing gig to PCS). So, I was on the Catstudio FB page since I ordered some products from them. They linked to a blog that happened to be yours?! Crazy small world! I started looking through your blog and wanted to leave a note rather than being a creepy stalker.

Anyway, I ordered NC, VA & Germany dish towels from Catstudio to display as places we have lived at with the military. I love your framing idea and will be copying you! :)

I hope you are enjoying Europe. I heard you are still an awesome volunteer! :)

Take Care,

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