The Bear has Landed

Today my second favorite boy finally joined me in Germany...

After an arduous 8 hour flight over the Atlantic, he met me after my hour and 1/2 drive with my friend Ana to Frankfurt.  Two hours (and 137 euro later) my baby boy was in my possession, cruising down the Autobahn towards home.  He was in wonderful condition, just a little dehydrated and hungry, but in great spirits.  I cannot say enough about Lufthansa and the manner in which they handle their animal cargo, even their Animal "lounge" is stellar and exceed EU standards (which are strict enough as is).  After a little downtime (and LOTS of sniffing) at the house, I didn't want him to full out sleep too early, so I hooked on his leash and we went for a walk along my normal running route in the vineyards outside of my village.

Nice little info signs about each grape dot the vineyards. 
Too bad I can't understand them (yet)
Dornfelder grapes - my fave German wine
Our little town from the vineyards
Bear says "I give my new home and its awesome 
vineyards (where I can run leash-less) a thumbs up!
So let the hund-friendly German adventures begin!

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