I know I've already posted about Hipster Puppies, but this totally made me crack up today (for if you've been able to watch treme on HBO and know anything slightly about New Orleans culture, you'll know why I find this funny..)


haruki sure has opinions on treme
[photo via charles b]

Side note one: the wine glass in the picture w/ Haruki is also one of the Bama household's often used red wine glasses

Side note two: Jazz Fest in Nola is in full swing, meaning work is crazy and super tiring.  Mr. Bama and I were able to sneak away from the insanity of everything to attend a concert at Tipitina's: a spectaular, cozy music venue/ "bar" that if you visit New Orleans you must visit.  Its just wayy too important.

Hope everyone's Thursday went well and you're looking forward to the weekend!  All Hail Friday!!

1 comment:

Marisa said...

omg. i have not checked hipster puppies in so long! bahahahahah

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