How does your garden grow!

Long lost Mrs Bama is back!  I have found that working on my feet from 12-6 four days a week is actually really exhausting and when I get home all I want is to put my feet up on the couch, have a nice, tall glass of Vino and then hit the hay.  I've become an old fogey over night.

However, I have found some success in one area of my life: gardening.  The simple pleasures of planting something from a seedling, fending off the critters that try to ruin and kill them (darn you caterpillars!!) and then, quite literally, eating the fruits of your labor.  Lately my strawberry plants have been sprouting fruits galore and its been a great thing to see.

my pretty little strawberry plant in its pot with its marigold flowers

ready to be plucked

just before eating

and let me tell you - these have been some of the juiciest, sweetest strawberries I've ever had.  It really is an amazing thing to eat something you've grown. 

Also, since the weather is getting warmer in NOLA and we haven't yet had the sweltering humidity that is so typical of NOLA summers, Mr Bama and I have made a point to picnic in our beloved Audubon Park before it becomes unbearable to be outside.
our picnic basket (an AWESOME bridal shower gift from mom & sis).  We had sushi and salad, hence the Sapporo
Mr Bama pouring me some vino.  Oh, a man who knows the way to my heart


more perfection
weird picture... I love how you can see how unphotogenic I am with my eyes closed and my cheesy grin.  Mr Bama is chill as a cucumber as usual

oh look, bear found a hole...

Bear investigates the hole

Bye bye Bear...

And so thats a catch up on the things going on in the Bama household -- craziness with work and "life," but when theres downtime, we never stop to just enjoy the simplicities in life, whether it be a picnic in the park or a perfect strawberry grown on a porch.

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Marisa said...

you all are so adorable...lovelovelove it

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