oh you naughty blogger, you

yes yes, I know I've been shamelessly MIA since Easter.  Yet I have a wonderful excuse: I am finally gainfully employed.  I think two Aggie "Whoop"s and a kind of lame Jersey Shore fist pump are in order with this news.  I had applied for a position at a local clothing boutique a few weeks ago and then was offered a job last week.  I've been absent from blog-world because its been a 6 1/2 hour-a-day job that's been non-stop on your feet, but I'm surrounded by some absolutely wonderful and creative people (did I mention the owner designs all of the vintage -inspired dresses?)

(picture, with our beloved St. Charles street cars, via Amelie G magazine)

(picture via Amelie G magazine)

You can check some designs of my new employer on the mainpage of the Amelie G website where they feature some beautiful photos of our dresses that were taken in my neck of the woods in New Orleans (the photo above was taken outside of La Crepe Nanou, featured in a previous post)!

and a tiny ps - I'm still designing stationery!  No worries everyone that was concerned -- I'm designing when I'm not working, so still be on the lookout in a few weeks for an update in the etsy store designs!!!

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