Forget Mardi Gras - The city's on fire celebrating their first Super Bowl win.  Considering that 5 years ago it was questionable if the franchise would ever come back to the city post-Katrina, this means so much to New orleans & the Who Dat nation.

the Quarter right after the win -- more people in the streets than on Mardi Gras (picture from nola.com)

We had a chance to go down to the Quarter to watch the game at a friend's house, but since we were so tired from the Mardis Gras party / parade we went to the night before that we decided to be homebodies.  And we're kind of glad - while the Quarter looked to be having a heck of a party last night, we had no idea if and when we'd be able to get out of the Quarter to go home. 

Yes, Mr. Bama had to go to work this morning, but the streets were fairly quiet since we think many people decided to play boss and chose not to go to work today (understandably).  This is just the beginning of the crazy Carnival season and one for the history books!

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Marisa said...

omg! GO SAINTS! So happy for your city!

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