While updating my iPhone the other day, Mr Bama asked me, in kind of a "i hate my ipod touch!" moment, if i still had my old school click wheel ipod from 2004.  Oddly enough, for some reason I did keep it after it died back in 2007 and I had to upgrade to a black 5th generation.  The funny thing is, we connected the old click wheel to the computer just for kicks, and it works!   Then we got to thinking: "Just how many portable Apple products do we have?"   Here's the rundown (named clockwise from top right):

  1. my 2nd gen blue ipod shuffle
  2. Mr. Bama's 2nd gen ipod shuffle
  3. my old school clickwheel iPod (now resurrected from the dead)
  4. my 5th gen iPod (bought to replace above supposedly dead iPod) 
  5. Mr. Bama's iPod touch (bought to replace his 5th gen iPod that was stolen from his car in MO)
  6. My recently replaced iPhone 3G
  7. (not pictured) Mr Bama's year old iPhone 3G
maybe we're weird for even pondering this, but we both find this to be an insanely uncessary amount of i____ products.  But oh how I covet a MacBook Pro to round out our little collection. *le sigh*

Anyone else have wayy to many versions of the same product that they never really thought twice about?   

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