Duck Duck Goose

In our family, we love Audubon Park - three blocks away, includes a golf course, riding stables, a 1-1/2 mile running/walking/biking path and an amazing zoo (hence why we technically have giraffes in our backyard).  And it also provides a place that we can take little Bear for his exercise.  Anyone who's ever had the joy of owning a puppy knows that until they have round 3 of their shots, the fear of your sweet puppy catching the big, bad, nasty (and incredibly contagious) disease Parvo sends shivers up your spine. That makes dog parks, and any grass that any unknown dog may have wandered upon off limits until about 14 weeks. Doesn't sound too prohibiting, but when you have a puppy that is a total bundle of energy and easily gets cabin fever - those are all the places you want him to go to tire him out. You also want him to interact with other dogs, people and situations so that he doesn't become a socially awkward big dog. Puppy playtime at Petco is great, but is only once a week and playtime at the Vet is everyday, but $11 for a half day (which really adds up over time!). Doesnt sound like a lot, but it does rule out just about every dog friendly place in the city - except Audubon.  The park's walking path is paved and it is mandatory that all dogs be on a leash, so Bear can't wander anywhere that may be unsafe (and other dogs can't wander to him without being invited.)  But he gets the chance to go out, meet people and other safe dogs and just enjoy the outdoors while learning to walk on a leash.  Pluses for both parties, we think. 

(photo court. of Wikipedia.com)

The park also has a ton of lakes and ponds that are full of waterfowl hanging out.  Mr Bama and I really just noted how pretty it made everything, but didnt think much about it - until Bear.  He is mesmorized by the multitudes of ducks, herons, geese and swans that just wander around by the lakes.
watching them like a hawk

"Hey, come here, I want to eat, err, MEET you!"

We guess this reaction is only appropriate since we've made the educated guess that his "unknown" half is Labrador Retriever (webbed toes, obvious lab ears).  It's also a little ironic hes this into birds because Bear's going off to Retriever School for a month on Monday to learn basic commands, be introduced to water and to learn the basics of duck retrieving .  Then Mr. Bama can take him duck hunting once the season rolls around.  Sad since he's gone for a month, but we think it will really pay off in the end!

All in all, the result of our Audubon Zoo excursions is exercise for us and a super tired puppy -- and as our Vet says, the best puppy is a tired puppy.

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