Sacred Beer Atop a Holy Mountain

There's an interesting phenomenom in Germany - Monks.  Who brew beer.

The Kloster (monastery) Kreuzberg, atop the Kreuzberg mountain in the Rhon mountain range, has been brewing beer since 1731.  Even since we arrived in germany, everyone we met told us we had to travel to Kreuzberg to hike the mountain and have the beer.  So naturally, when we found out that there would be a bus trip to visit this wonderful location, we signed up and were excited to go!  While it was freezing cold (and yours truly did not dress appropriately) and drizzly, we still managed to have an absolute blast.

big mug, little mug
Mr. Bama's big mug
happiness is a full beer mug
thats 5L of holy beer

the 3 crosses at the top of the Kreuzberg
view from the top.  Gorgeous
Happy Bamas

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