365 day project

Okay friends, so today's the day I reach out and ask you for help.

But first, a little backstory:
  1. My wonderful Mr. Bama is gone for work for a year starting in a few weeks.
  2. In case you haven't figured it out, I'm sort highly motivated / an overachiever.
  3. Working as an employee on the German economy isn't an option, as in I don't have a work visa.
  4. I have travelling access to all of fantastic Europe.
So now you, my fabulously creative readers come into play.  Starting July 30, I'll be up for a project.  You can get an idea from my previous posts what my interests are - cooking, design, travel, etc.  My goal is to expand your horizons and as well as mine, so be creative, but not extravagant.  What do YOU want to read about me exploring?  You read about blogs where people tell you want they want you to hear, in this case I'm asking you what do you want to read about?  Here are some very small  rules:
  • it cannot include me risking my life... that includes heights, i.e. me standing next to them or jumping off of them.  no no no
  • it cannot cost more than $15 a day.
  • it cannot include me doing anything illegal.
And that's about it.  I'm excited to hear about what you would me to take on this next year, especially for those readers who usually read, but don't ever feel like commenting! Be creative!


    Stefanie Casey said...

    Why not try to travel to certain places on $15 a day? I realize this might not be possible for many locations if you include the cost of transit, but if you could do something like that - to try and find some awesome free deals or super cheap eats... I think that would be fun! :)

    Windy C said...

    Owen is obsessed with haunted houses, mysteries, and legends. He would love to hear stories if you can add some in to your blogs. He has a world map in his room and puts a sticker on the different locations as he learns about them. We talk about the culture of that area, the food they eat, and then the fun stuff (dispelling the truth). There is a show we base this on called Destination Truth on the SyFi network. I personally hope you share some raw food dishes. I know the European diet is generally healthier with more options for unprocessed, organic foods. Professionally, I hope you continue with the branding/custom stationery work.

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