My Newest German Obsession

It may help to have Google Chrome to read this, but I'm in love with this wonderful grocery (Bio) chain Tegut .
Small, but a ton of local bio chicken, beef and pork.  I'm slightly discouraged by the amount and price of grapeseed oil (Traubenkornöl) so Ill have to find a new high temp cooking oil, but alas, such is the challenges of a new country.

We've also found a wonderful home that rents to American's w/ dogs (a BIG deal).   It's perfect, as it has 3 bathrooms, four bedrooms AND a fitted kitchen - something that is VERY hard to find in a German rental.
our new kitchen -  stove, fridge, oven, sink AND dishwasher!
This is all dependent on an inspection this week, but if all goes well, we have an new home come July 1st.

On another note, out new village is lovely, with 2 hotels, a Tavern around the corner, a grocery and a bank.  Can a girl ask for anything more?


Stefanie Casey said...

what do you cook grapeseed oil with? BTW - can you email me your kale recipe???

Mrs. Bama said...

Grapeseed oil is a very light cooking oil that handles even higher temps than canola oil. I swear by it in the states for cooking anything like chicken, veggies, etc. I also have no idea which kale recipe you're talking about!

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