Leaving on a Jetplane (4 to be exact)

all our bags are packed (as of May 10) and we're ready to go (whether we like it or not).  Today we lift off for our VERY unnecessarily long trek from the east coat, to Atlanta, to New Orleans (yeah... ridiculous), then back to Washington and finally off to our new home.  I feel incredibly under-prepared and slightly overwhelmed, but alas - change is a comin'.  I have no idea how much Internet service I'll have access to or if my computer will even work over there -- I'm already going to be iPhone-less over there, so lets hope things go smoothly with the flights, getting out of the US and into Europe, finding Internet access, settling into  our new home.

So auf wiedersehen America!  Here's to new adventures, a new country and a new chapter in the Bama family story!

1 comment:

M said...

i can't believe you've left and I haven't seen you :(. Will miss you sooo much!!!!!! safe travels!

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