German Lessons

We've been in Germany for a week so far and it has been a definite adventure. We've moved into an actual hotel now with internet, and we've met so many amazing people who have been gracious enough to show us around the area (as well as drive our car-less selves around.)  Here are some fun observations from just a week of living in beautiful Bavaria

  • Get off work late? Want to go for a run around the block before it gets dark?  No worries, it doesn't get dark til around 9:30.  It is truly weird for us southerners, but a nice change.
  • German wine is wein-derful (haha).  We went to a Wein Fest this weekend in the neighboring city of Wurtzburg and it was an absolute blast!  We ate a ton of potatoes and Bretzels (pretzels in German) and drank a good amount of wonderful German wine (I even tried the weisswein- white wine, which is a big deal for this died in the wool red wine drinker).   

With new friends Eleanor & Memree enjoying Erdbeere Bowle  (Strawberry Punch)
  • The yogurt is AMAZING here.  Same goes for the bread and the coffee.  You need less here because its so rich, but the quality is top notch.  Another plus - no preservatives, minimally processed and very fresh!
vanilla & strawberry yogurt.  So yummy
  • They like pork here.  Lots and lots of pork in all forms (filet, sausage, etc)...  This may take a while to get used to, as in I never ate pork back in the states.
  • EVERYTHING closes on Sunday.  New Orleans did a pretty good job of prepping us for this, but it does take some adjusting.
Theres far more to discover here, and unfortunately we're going to have to wait to get a car to really check out everything Germany  has to offer.  But we are absolutely in love with our new country!

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