48+ Hours Later

and we've survived!  We don't have internet from our "hotel," but I've been able to find places with internet.  It was an incredibly long journey that included:

- starting at 4am from Virginia --> Atlanta --> NOLA --> Dulles.

Then once we were in Dulles, our flight to Frankfurt was delayed 3 excruciating hours.  We were able to sleep a little on the flight, but then once we arrived (8:30am in Germany, so 6:30am in Virginia -- a whooping 26hrs, 30 mins later) we ended up waiting until 2pm for a bus.  By 5:30pm we had finally made it to our new town.  So we're here after our long adventure.  Once we get a sense of the place as well as a car (Guess who is going to be taking the German drivers test this week!) we will be able to really explore our new city!

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