Another Year Older...

... and wiser perhaps?  Oh lets hope.  I had a great past few days, with Saturday being the "let's go party and celebrate Mrs Bama being an old lady!"

Here's me and Mr Bama before the evening festivities commenced:

After an awesome dinner out at Dante's Kitchen, we picked up some friends from "Bourbon and Burlesque" and then headed to the Roosevelt Hotel for some delectable libations at the newly renovated Sazerac Bar Yes, it is the bar, where the Louisiana state cocktail (the Sazerac) was created in 1859 at the then named "Sazerac Coffee House."  It was then moved to the bar within the Roosevelt in 1893.
The newly refurbished Sazerac Bar, complete w/ restored 1930s WPA Ninas murals.  *sigh*  I am also in love w/ the geometric tile floors. 

My actual birthday on Monday was much more low-key and mundane (in a good way)  I have Monday's off anyway, so I was able to get a lot of work done around the house and then have a nice relaxing evening w/ the hubs and Bear.  Tomorrow the parents visit our home for the first time (a joint birthday gift for my mom & I) so I've spent the past few days just cleaning, dusting, vacuuming Bear's weight alone in his shedded hair (yes, it really is kind of disgusting and astonishing at the same time) and pretty much making the place look like decent, neat people inhabit our tiny tiny abode.  Then next week we can go back to pretty much living like a normal newly wed, over worked couple w/ a shedding, overexcited 8 month (!) old piranha.  Til then!

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