Why I love working for myself

I feel like a proud mother sending her child off to college:  After a month of collaboration with a wonderful bride -to-be, my first invitation suite for a client is done and ready to be addressed and mailed!  So here we go:

I had to blur out the names of my clients, for obvious privacy reasons.  But you can still get the overall design cohesiveness

it is a 6.75 x 4.75 top layer mounted on a 7x5 peice of colbalt blue cardstock, giving the invite much more dimension and substance

The invite with its accompanied map.  all of the important info is blurred out again

tucked in all pretty in pink!

wrapped up with the one pound design signature Fleur de Lis

ready to be given to the bride to be! (what do you do when you have a ton of curling ribbon left from your own wedding?  use to spiffy up packaging)

the picture i did fail to take before shipping everything off was the invite & map stuffed in their envelopes. We had a classic stark white inner envelope, put into a green envelope that was the exact green used in the invitation design.  I would have loved to have been able to come up with a label design for the bride, but a budget is a budget and the bride often has an idea of her own -- that when the designer leaves it up to the DIY genius of her brides.  It was the one factor I LOVED about all of my wedding vendors - they encouraged DIY and something I will encourage with all of my clients!
one thing my bride did request was thank yous - and here they are, ready for the new couple's post-honeymoon T-Y writing campaign

 Phew!  I think I have an addiction to the "rush" that completing projects gives me.  I kind of cannot wait to see what these look like after mailing (the bride to be is also a friend of my husbands, so we'll be getting an invite as well). Now onto the next exciting project!

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