A "room" with an unwanted view

We have an awkward room situation in one of our rooms.  Our guest bathroom door has, well, windows. 

It's super bizarre and is a testament to the piecemeal renovation job that was done to this house 20-30 years ago.  But it's something that needed to addressed - expecially with the impending fact that someday soon we'd begin hosting parties and overnight guests.  Speding moolah on ugly curtains to cover the windows didn't really sound appealing or economical, so I started brainstorming (which is always scary).  I also happened across some of the pretty large-format calenders that I had horded since 2006 - knowing I could cut them out and then frame them for cheap art in the future (and is the source for our wall art in our kitchen, actually).  The random one in the pack was a stylized travel calendar featuring some deco-inspired travel posters.  Out of curiosity I measured a page and realized that each image was a little smaller than the size of the panes in our odd little door windows. 

So i set to work - using my "small project" paper cutter, some 11x17 cardstock for backing, some double sided tape and my out-of-date calender.

Slice slice, tape tape and then some heavy duty taping to the back of the door after that and voila!
Now our guests can, umm, take care of business in private and we also get a different take on "framed art" without paying a dime. 

(sidenote: notice in the picture above that there's also a lock on the door -- as in on the outside.  You know, just in case you ever want to lock someone INTO the bathroom.  Weirdness)

In what creative way have you fixed functional "issue" in your home?

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Marisa said...

i love this! get your but up to va and make my apartment pretty!!

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