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I felt naked. Rather, my left hand did. Because I'm so rough with my jewelry, I had to give my e-ring a spruce up at the jewelers so it didn't look so banged up next to its new partner (the w-band) in 9 days. So when I picked up bama boy's w-band, I left the e-ring with the jeweler for a few days to do re-plating, buffing, etc. I've also been instructed to not wear it until the day before/day of the wedding.

Needless to say, less than 5 minutes after I took my ring off, my hand felt lonely, barren and naked. So this was my solution:
A pearl ring my grandma gave my mother about 10 years ago. Its pretty simple and it does the job. I can't wait to get my e-ring back, but since this is a heirloom, it works very well for the time being.

Speaking of wedding-related jewelry, my necklace for the actual wedding arrived today. I looked high and low for a pretty multi-strand coral colored pearl necklace that would add a little pop to my entirely ivory dress. The flowers are coral, the ribbon wrapping the flowers is navy, the dress is ivory and my shoes are navy, so I figured - let's go coral! So after searching etsy, nordstroms, steinmart, tjmaxx, and dillards with no success, I ventured back to store I visited a few years ago in Washington DC. I bookmarked their webpage shortly after and visited the website every so often w/out actually purchasing anything. Fornash Designs in DC has not only custom purses (i was fascinated by the truly create-your-own purse set-up they had in the store last time in visited) but it also carries some preppy accessories that have an eclectic twist. I discovered their 8 strand pearl necklace in peach color, instantly loved it, and decided to go ahead and purchase it.

Here it is:

the simple clasp

And it on me.. the ONLY thing I'm concerned about is that it might be a little too much. That's why I have 5 bridesmaids and a mom - to let me know if things look wayy to busy. I still love my new necklace though, even if it doesn't work w/ my wedding dress!

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