Est Fini!

I raise my arms in triumph: after 5 months, my table name cards are FINALLY finished. Why did they take so long, you ask?

Because I'm crazy, that's why.

Back in May, when i decided to name each table after places where Bama boy and I have visited together, I tried to figured out how to incorporate my talents into making these little cards unique. So I decided "hey, why not draw a picture of a significant building in the location the table is named after." I figured I could use the HABS/HAER database for a few of the line drawings and draw the rest of them myself, right? I didn't take 4 years of measured drawing classes for nothing!

Definitely easier said than done. HABS/HAER only had documentation for 3 buildings in my 10 destinations. So I ended up drawing 7 buildings, ranging from a lighthouse, to a stadium, to a dock.

and here's a little sneak peek:
But it doesn't matter anymore, The table names are done and done. And now I'm starting to wonder how much money I would have made if I had been able to charge someone for my labor on this little project. I could make millions (or hundreds, at least)

Also, I've finished my seating chart! here's all the escort cards separated alphabetically

and here is the lovely seating chart. Dear Martha Stewart: your graphic seating chart tool on your website rocks. I heart you. Since we're down in Corolla now (yay!) today we're dropping off all of the "reception decorations" to the reception site as well as meeting w/ the photog. Seriously, between the reception stuff and all of the welcome bags (more on that in the next post) my beach house is a wedding disaster area. Hopefully that will be fixed after we deliver the bags tomorrow.

People are starting to arrive as well: the best man on Monday, my cousin last night and tonight will be 2 of my best friends from grad school & one of Bama boy's friends from Birmingham. THIS is why i love weddings = everyone you both love all in one place at one time. Its a beautiful thing!

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