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When you have a largely destination wedding, you tend to have pretty much 99.9% of your guests stay at a hotel/rental home. So, in order to let our guests know how much we really do appreciate them travelling to the outer banks (esp in this fabulous economy), we've made some welcome bags for our guests. We wanted to not only have the bag be something that indicated "you're on vacation!" but was also very utilitarian and reusable (especially since 2 weeks ago plastic shopping bags were outlawed on the Outer Banks). So after a month or so of searching we found these awesome totes:

(photo courtesey of cheaptotes.com)

we purchased 50 of the navy for $50... awesome! Then it was time to figure out what goodies we were going to put in the bags.
So here are the contents:
- 1 or 2 bottles of wine.
Either Whalehead White, Wild Pony Pink or Sunset Red. My mom and I spent a whole afternoon doing these labels because we're both artsy, graphics nerds.
- 1 or 2 plastic wine glasses

- 1 travel sized bottle of Sunscreen. More proof that we're artsy nerds (also, just watch it be raining that whole weekend.. sweet)
- 1 travel guide to Corolla

- Timeline of events
- 1 bag of Bama boy's mom's citrus cookies. The woman can bake, i kid you not

- 1 or 2 bags of goldfish snacks (get it... beach, water, fish. Ok I'll stop)
- a few bottles of water
- travel sized kleenex, because you just never know.
and thats it!
heres everything complied together:

and all of the bags ready to be delivered for our many guests:
and on another note: my bridesmaids will all be here in less than 18 hours. I am S-T-O-K-E-D

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