Busy-ness and Birthdays

Yes, I know, I Know

I am so due for a blogpost, but life's been crazy, with mardi gras wrapping up, a rush invitation suite having to get through the door and then my parents visiting this weekend. Its not that there isn't anything going on around here, its just all been such a huge blur of things that I can barely keep my head on straight.  So something's coming soon, I promise.

Today is, however, the birthday of one of my best friends, most favorite people and partners in this crazy world of blogging.

I met Misa (of Park & Belmont fame) in college during our junior History of the Civil War class.  The first day of class she was sitting in front of me, turned around and said "hi!."  It was then that we instantly became friends and the rest was history.  We had the same obsession with art, architecture, to-do-list-making, travel, fab music and organic food that it was hard not to become fast friends.  We lost touch for about a year while I was starting grad school and she was working in DC, but it wasn't for long.  We reconnected as she was starting and I was ending our grad school studies, something that would be a source of support for each other.  It also turned out that Misa and her awesome fiance at the time were planning on getting married two weeks before Mr. Bama and I -- rather than see it as a competition, we relished in oohing, ahhing and giggling over wedding stuff, building off of each other's imaginations & creativity.   In September '09 I got to watch when she tied the knot with her amazing college sweetheart in the most gorgeous farm wedding.

misa and I at her sweet wedding.
Two weeks later, she was standing by my side as I married Mr. Bama.

We are still super close, even as Misa enters the final stretch of her Master's degree (Go Misa Go!) and I wrestle with the enormity of  planning a move across the Atlantic.  She's been an amazing source of support (especially when I get down about work, friends and life's little nuances), humor and grace.  So here is to birthday's of amazing friends who lift you up and are truly beautiful people!

So happy Birthday Dear Misa!!

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M said...

thank you thank you thank you. Sweetest of all friends! ILU!

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